chair-broken Imagine that you have a set of antique chairs that you are very fond of, and then one of the legs breaks. Now, if it is made out of wood you find yourself some glue, a couple of screws or a woodworker. But if it is made out of metal, what do you do? Many of us would simply consider it a loss because any type of repair would seem to be insufficient. However, when one brings such a project to an experienced welder then repair not only become possible; it become probable.

chair-fixedWell this scenario is exactly what one of our recent clients faced, and he brought this chair to Moonlight Welding. The leg was twisted up under the seat, making the chair unusable. Event if the leg were bent back down into place, the chair would not be stable and safe to use. The application of good welding technique will not only restore this chair to its former beauty, it will make it safe to use again. So if you have a metal chair that becomes damaged, even if it is ornate like this chair, bring it to Moonlight Welding an inquire what it would take to fix it. As you can see Moonlight Welding made this chair like new again. You can’t even tell it from the other chair.

chair before and after repair