Junkyard bucket prior to modifications

Having the right equipment for the job is essential and equipment is expensive so often we make do with the equipment we have instead. That’s where welding modifications can provide a solution and expand the capabilities of your current equipment, which Moonlight Welding LLC can do for you.

Recently we had a client who called, and wanted to know if welding modifications could help him. He owned a great backhoe but often found that the bucket was too large for some jobs he wanted to do, such as digging smaller trenches. And with all the rain we’ve had this winter, we could all use the ability to dig a few small trenches to divert excess water. Why you may need a smaller bucket and what you might use it for may be different, but we’re sure there are times you wish you had one, and welding modifications can make that happen.


Smaller modified bucket next to original bucket.


Junkyard bucket after modifications

After being called to the job and understanding the goals of the client, Floyd made a few trips to various junk yards until he found the bucket size the client wanted. He purchased it and took it back to his shop where he went to work. After a bit of creative and skilled welding work, the bucket was modified with a new bracket so the client could use it in place of the larger bucket his backhoe came with. The client was very pleased with the welding modification and the way it expanded the abilities of his current equipment.

Remember if you have something that you wish was just slightly different or capable of _____ (fill in the blank), then welding modifications may make that possible! Call us and find out.