Custom Aluminum Boxes

floyd on fire truck command box

Floyd Jones standing on the back of an emergency vehicle with a custom aluminum emergency command box created by Moonlight Welding LLC

Welding any material properly requires experience and the right equipment for the job. Welding lightweight metals such as aluminum used for custom aluminum boxes requires the utmost precision of technique to ensure a strong bond. It also requires the right aluminum alloy and the use of the correct filler or joints can crack as they cool. When you are relying on the quality of your custom aluminum box, it is important to know that you are using the services of an experienced welder who uses quality materials and best practices during the welding job.

In addition to the quality of the aluminum alloy used to create the box, the welder must ensure that the base material is clean. Over time, aluminum forms a thin coat of aluminum oxide on its exterior (even a brand new piece). Aluminum oxide will melt at higher temperature than aluminum, and will interfere with the quality of the weld. If not properly to pre-heated, then your custom aluminum box may look great but the actual weld will be very weak and shallow, resulting in a bond that is unlikely to hold up over time.

Another important feature is a tight fitting joint created by proper clamping and choosing the right filler, and whether a joint is tight or not is often transparent on visual inspection of the finished project. You have to have faith that the welder you hired is skilled and uses best practices because he cares about the quality of his work, as we do here at Moonlight Welding LLC.

When you purchase a custom aluminum box from us, you can be assured of the quality of the aluminum and the welds. You can check out some of our work here, and then give us a call to get a quote for your project.