Aluminum Emergency Command Boxes

custom aluminum command boxFor first responders, an emergency command box is standard equipment, whether you are a fire fighter, police officer or an integral part of other emergency services which have to function well in the field, no matter what. The need for the command box is standard, but the box itself has to be anything but standard, because it contains the equipment you need to do the job. This equipment can range from delicate electronics to cumbersome and heavy tools so the emergency command box must have the right compartments and be able to handle shifting loads. That’s why you need a Moonlight Welding custom aluminum emergency command box that fits your needs and your vehicle.  Boxes are made out of many different materials, but it’s hard to beat the durability of an aluminum emergency command box when it comes to durability and security, even in extreme weather conditions. These are first-responder-specific and made to store, haul, and facilitate emergency operations on the go. Our emergency aluminum command boxes roll out and back into the vehicle easily yet they are also a stable and dependable work hub in any situation.

bolt cutter holderIt doesn’t matter how specialized your tools are or what you want to store, Moonlight Welding can build a custom aluminum emergency command box  for your firehouse, ambulance, or police vehicle. It can contain specialized tool holders, drawers, cabinets, writing surfaces, slots and a variety of containers that you know you need when you are responding to a crisis situation where having the right tools at hand is paramount.  Moonlight Welding will expertly craft, to your exact specifications, a strong, durable professional aluminum emergency command box that first responders can depend on during a crisis for years to come. When it comes to performance and reliability choosing to store your tools in an aluminum command box is a smart choice! And they look great, too.