Custom Handrails

moon light welding preparing steps for hand railsHandrail styles can be simple or ornate and which one is right for you will depend on whether it is for a residential or commercial setting. You’ll also have to take into consideration the basic architecture of the building, especially if you live in one of the many historic home located in Hampton Roads.

The most important reason to have handrails installed is safety. A proper handrail can prevent injury and even death if the balcony, porch or deck is high enough. Safety in a Hampton Roads retail setting is especially important to protect both employees and the public shopping at your store.

Once you have decided on the style and required sturdiness of  the custom handrails needed for your home or business, the next step is installation. A quality installation of your custom handrails, is essential to the longevity and safety of the modification. Moonlight Welding LLC, located in Suffolk, Virginia, has the equipment and the knowledge to ensure that your custom handrails are installed properly.

Moonlight Welding can also repair or modify existing custom handrails for your Hampton Roads home or business. Call us today and you can check out some of the work we have done. For homes, a custom handrail makes a dramatic difference in the look of your entrance, and you can see that in our before and after pictures. Not sure what style or what kind of custom handrail you might need? Moonlight Welding LLC can help you consider the options available so you can make the best choice for you.