Hampton Roads businesses need commercial handrails to provide stability and support for their employees and customers because they help prevent injurious falls. Your business may also need them to meet the ADA Handicap Accessibility Ratings for Ramps and Stairs. What kind of commercial handrails are right for your business will depend upon whether they are being utilized in an industrial setting, such as the shipyards in Newport News; and academic setting, such as William and Mary in Williamsburg; or an oceanfront, outdoor, dining area in Virginia Beach.

Commercial handrails can provide safety and support for your customers or employees as they traverse the ramps and stairs to access your business. They can also be utilized to cordon off an area to identify it for a specific purpose, such as a play area, rest area, garden or an external dining area for your restaurant. Handrails can be used to guide visitors and employees, to protect specific areas, and to naturally enhance the safety of your Hampton Roads business.

Moonlight Welding LLC can install, repair or modify commercial handrails for your business, located in Hampton Roads and some parts of North Carolina. Shown below is a recent industrial handrail that we constructed and installed. If you are looking for a more decorative look for your restaurant or gift shop, check out the residential handrails page for ideas. Having a problem with skateboarders riding your rails, then check out these anti-skateboarding knobs. A welding modification solution from Moonlight Welding LLC