new komodo grillImagine you own a beautiful mosaic Kamado Komodo grill and it breaks.  Not the entire grill, just a small part that works to keep the heat in. However without this part, the grill becomes nothing more than an odd statue on your patio. However when you contact the manufacturer, you find out that the part you need to repair the cooker is no longer available, and they suggest you upgrade to a newer model.

Now you could purchase a newer model, like the one shown here, and take yours to the dump but that would be a terrible waste of a beautiful appliance. It’s also a significant outlay of  cash to buy the new grill, so what do you do? You call Moonlight Welding, of course, and inquire what it would take to fix the grill so the lid closes securely again and allows the grill to maintain the necessary heat. See slide show below (you can hover over any slide to make it pause).

kamado grill lidbroken partkamado grillfixed kamodo grilltempeature guage
Lid raises and lowers to seal in or release heat and smoke
This part controls lid raising and lowering and is broken
Lid does not close completely because part is broken
Moonlight Welding fixed part and now lid closes securley
Temperature guage now maintains proper heat

Not only was Moonlight Welding able to repair the Kamado Komodo grill so that it worked again, they did it time to save Thanksgiving dinner!

komado cooker bounty