dirt bikeThe thing about motorcycles is that if you own one, you love it, no matter how you ride. You might love the open highway or country roads. You might just zip around town on scooter or hit the hills with your dirt bike. The variety of choices for the motorcycle enthusiast is as diverse in personality and style as the people who ride them.  The only common thread is that if your bike is broken you are one unhappy camper.

closeup broken bracketMost times you employ your own skills or that of a mechanic to fix a broken motorcycle but before you replace an entire part, consider a weld repair instead. One of our recent customers made that wise choice. An essential bracket on his bike had been sheared off, but rather than replace the entire part he sought out Moonlight Welding to see if the bracket could be repaired. This type of breakage is why you hire a good welder who can repair it so that it is as strong, if not stronger, than it was before the part was broken. It’s more cost effective and even boken motorcyle bracketquicker than ordering a new part.

At Moonlight Welding LLC, no job is too small. So as spring rolls in and you start rolling out your spring toys and equipment, keep us in mind.

Welding repairs are cost effective and can extend the life of many parts rather than replace them. Consider us first, when your motorcycle, boats, lawn mowers, combines, grills and bracket-afterother essentials that you depend on for fun or for work are in need of repair. Discover if we can make them as good as new for you. Chances are we can, and we can do it for less than replacing the piece of equipment and most times for less than the cost of a replacement part.

Just check out the before and after pictures of this motorcycle welding repair to see how skilled welding can make something as good as new!