When one thinks of welding, preventing theft isn’t what usually comes to mind. Repairing an item or creating an item is what comes to mind for most people. Welding, however, is a fantastic skill that can solve a wide variety of issues, and we recently helped White Oak Equipment of Suffolk, solve a problem of theft. They were experience an issue of people stealing their lawn mowers, and they Welded wheel locks prevent theftswanted a way to deter the theft without having to resort to chains and padlocks. Besides chains and pad locks can be cut with the proper tools.

wleded wheel lock on mower by Moonlight WeldingWhen presented with the problem, it didn’t take Floyd long to come up with the solution, and he created a set of wheel locks for their mowers. Now each mower is secured with a wheel lock and their problem of missing lawn mowers is solved. We can make these for your equipment, too, so give us a call. And remember, welding is the solution for many projects and issues you may be facing today. Just give us a call 757-449-7003 and see if we have a solution for you!