Welding Modifications

If what you have isn’t exactly what you want, or you want to modify it for some other function or form, then welding may be the solution for your project. Moonlight welding offers welding modifications for safety reasons, such as shields and protective grates on tractors, backhoes and other agricultural and industrial equipment. An example is an emergency command box used as a portable command center for Battalion Chiefs. This welding modification, could be referred to as welding fabrication because the result is an entire unit that rolls out of a vehicle to allow the Battalion Chief a command center that can be accessed from all three sides. Another example would be adding a fold down ramp to a delivery welding modificationvehicle, or adding hand rails to a porch. Metal is a great medium for enhancing the functionality, safety and beauty of many objects.

It can even be a modification where something is installed in a more convenient place, such as this heating unit. Moonlight Welding constructed this welded frame, painted it, and mounted the unit on the wall at a customer’s warehouse.

Basically, nearly everything has the potential to become more functional, or safer, or more beautiful with welding modifications. So don’t get rid of something just because it isn’t exactly what you want or it doesn’t work exactly like you want it to. Call Moonlight Welding and inquire whether your vehicle or object can be modified to do or be exactly what you want. Take a look around the website and see the variety of projects we’ve done already. It might give you some ideas about a welding modification that would be perfect for you.