Welding Repairs

moonlight welding farm equipment repairWelding repairs, where to start? The smaller list would be what can’t be repaired with welding because there are so many things that welding can fix, such as: lawn mower decks, lawn furniture, hitches, agricultural tools, industrial machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tool parts, holding tanks, and even vehicles from cars, to trucks and tractors. As we said, welding repairs can fix most things. And often it is a far better choice to repair than to replace. Consider the following before ordering a new part or deciding that something is no longer functional:

  1. a welding repair can be more serviceable than the original part, since the part can be reinforced and the original weaknesses that caused it to break corrected
  2. it’s often quicker to seek a welding repair since the delay in obtaining the replacement part could take longer than the actual repair
  3. it’s economical because often the cost of the new part often exceeds the cost of repairing the damaged part
  4. often welding repairs saves the day when the original part can no longer be replaced

It is important to note that the metal that is to be repaired has a great influence on the service life of the repaired parts and low-carbon metals must be handled differently than high-carbon metals, but that doesn’t influence whether or not the part can be repaired. Working with an experienced welder, such as Moonlight Welding, will provide you with the proper methods of repair as well as some idea of how long you can expect the repair to last. Call Moonlight Welding LLC for your next repair, and keep in mind that we can come to you!

Before Repair
Before Repair Close Up
Afer Repair Better than New

In addition to welding repairs, Moonlight Welding can also repair agricultural and industrial sized rims that have bolts frozen in them. If you need the bolt holes of your large tires drilled out, give Floyd a call. You an also see pictures of this activity under the category of Tire Rim Repair.